Clearwater Seasonal Rates and 
Meredith Woods Seasonal & Year Round Rates

Summer Season (2019)  –  $3,786
        Unlimited non-residential use: May 17 – October 15
Includes cable
 Free on-site winter storage

MEREDITH WOODS: All rates include cable

​Winter Season (2018-2019) non-residential use
Option 1 – October 12 to May 12 –$1,600 (without winter water) 
Option 2 – November 16 to April 7 – $850 (without winter water)  

Year-Round (2018-2019)
Our "year" is November 1st to October 31st
Year-round unlimited non-residential use – $5,208 ($5,304 with winter water)

Extended summer season (2019) 
Non-use winter storage from November 1st to April 14th and unlimited non-residential use from April 15th to October 31st – $4,728

All sites have metered electric, and optional telephone is available through our local telephone company.

Dock slips at Clearwater Campground are $250 for a shallow water slip or $325 for a deeper water slip.  There are currently none available with a waiting list.

For an additional charge, payment plans are available for all options.